The CGL is mandated to provide molecular genetic diagnostics and paraffin FISH testing for all cancer patients in British Columbia. We also provide the complete spectrum of cytogenetic and FISH testing for PHSA, Northern and Interior Health Authorities.

UPDATE ON TAT for NGS panels

NGS Panel results are being delayed beyond our target turnaround time. Due to the high volume of requests for results, we are not able to respond to every message with an estimated report date. We are committed to reporting results as quickly as possible.  If the result is STAT and will impact the clinical management of the patient, then please contact with additional information and justification. These requests will be forwarded to the Medical Director for approval of expedited results.

Dr. Stephen Yip, MD, PhD, FRCPC (Medical Director)
Dr. Sean Young, PhD, DABMGG FCCMG FACMG (Molecular Geneticist)
Dr. Tracy Tucker, PhD, FCCMG (Molecular Geneticist and Cytogeneticist)
Dr. Ian Bosdet, PhD, FCCMG (Molecular Geneticist)
Dr. Deepu Alex, MD, PhD (Molecular Pathologist)
Dr. Bahareh Mojarad, PhD, DABMGG, FACMG (Molecular Geneticist and Cytogeneticist)
Dr. Curtis Hughesman, PhD, P.Eng (Research & Development Scientist)

Team Lead
Kristy Dastur, BSc, RT